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Chad Johnson: Pursue or No? Part 4: Contract

Chad Johnson has one year left on his contract for $6 million. That would leave the Jets in an interesting dilemma. That might be too much to pay considering all of the free agents they need to take care of. A contract extension, however, could limit the cap hit by spreading things out.

How wise would it be to give a 33 year old an extension? It depends on what he is looking for. It seems reasonable to think the two sides could agree to something short term that would be worth the while of both. Mike Tannenbaum has proven to be very adaptable and creative on the job. Any potential deal to bring Johnson to New York might hinge on just that.

Given his penchant for self promotion, one can only imagine the receiver would be willing to work for the Jets. This could be his only shot at playing in the world's biggest media market for a team that draws more than its fair share of attention.