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Chad Johnson: Pursue or No? Part 3: Antics

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The thought of Chad Johnson with the Jets feels like a match made in heaven in some ways. This is a guy who craves spotlight. With the Jets, he would have a coach who lets his players express themselves fully. This team has the glare of the New York media. Johnson would love the media in this city for the attention he would get. The media would love him back for the fodder he would provide.

I do not think all attention hogs are made equally. Some get attention for doing immature things like not playing hard. That would be the Randy Moss category. Others get attention for being terrible teammates. That would be the Terrell Owens category. Others get attention because they cannot stay out of trouble off the field. That would be the Pacman Jones category.

Most of Johnson's attention grabbing moves seem more innocuous. He likes to make wild guarantees. He likes to cook up crazy touchdown celebrations. He changes his name to reflect his jersey number and then (belated) changes it back after he could not deliver on talk against Darrelle Revis. Not everything he has done has been harmless, but it feels like most have been. Johnson comes off like a big kid, and I mean that as a compliment. He has fun. He does not get in trouble off the field. As he told Bob Costas last year, the only way he could get arrested is if there was a law against playing video games.