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Chad Johnson: Pursue or No? Part 1: Introduction

Chad Johnson was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft. The cousin of former Jets receiver Keyshawn Johnson, Chad has arguably had a better career with a pair of First Team All Pro selections and six Pro Bowls. Seven of his ten seasons have resulted in 1,000 receiving yards.

Johnson also has a flare for drawing attention to himself. He is one of the league's biggest self promoters. From flamboyantly choreographed touchdown celebrations to gold teeth to actually legally changing his last name to Ochocinco (the numbers on his jersey), there is never a dull moment.

He now has just one year left on his contract. With the Bengals seemingly in rebuilding mode, it is not impossible to believe they might want to move their star receiver, who is now 33. They have young talent at the position in the form of Jerome Simpson, Andre Caldwell, and Jordan Shipley, all of whom played well when given a look in 2010. Johnson has an advocate in New York, Darrelle Revis, who lobbied for him this week. Could something happen?