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Tennessee Titans Denied Permission to Speak With Bill Callahan

The Titans asked to speak with Jets offensive line coach Bill Callahan about their vacant offensive coordinator position but were denied.

New Titans coach Mike Munchak had Callahan on his short list to replace the recently fired Mike Heimerdinger. The Jets earlier denied the Raiders permission to interview defensive backs coach Dennis Thurman for its defensive coordinator job.

I am usually not a big fan of the team denying a guy a chance to interview elsewhere. Coaches will only be productive where they are most happy. If a coach does would rather be somewhere else, it generally makes little sense to keep him on. The guy the Titans just fired, Heimerdinger, provided the Jets a lesson in that during his ugly departure from the team in 2006. Eric Mangini kept him on against his will, and he complained publicly about having a job.

With that said, I am willing to make an exception here. Callahan has more than earned his keep with his excellent job coaching the offensive line. The way D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Matt Slauson, Brandon Moore, and Wayne Hunter in particular have developed on his watch is beyond impressive. It also helps to have an experienced offensive coordinator familiar with the personnel around to take the reins in case Brian Schottenheimer gets a head coaching job somewhere. (That's the only way Schotty is leaving, folks.)