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Antonio Cromartie: Stay or Go? Part 7: The Market

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Cornerbacks make insane money on the free agent market. Consider this. Asante Samuel, Kelvin Hayden, Dunta Robinson, and Nate Clements all have contracts with an average annual salary over $9 million. Is any of those guys any better than slightly above average? I know Samuel gets a ton of hype because he has good hands when a quarterback misfires in his direction, but is he really in the Revis/Asomugha class?

The point is once Cro hits the open market, he will be in line to get paid. I understand he says he loves being a Jet. I understand there might be some gratitude for the team fronting him money over the offseason so he could pay make back child support payments. The fact of the matter is that money talks.

I am not trying to be funny by saying this, but the man now has 8 children. Kids cost a lot of money, and an NFL player's earning potential is limited. Cro is near the peak of his athletic prime at 26. Could anybody really blame him for cashing in with the highest bidder? Could the Jets break the bank for him with Darrelle Revis already making a ton at the position even if it is one of value in the system?