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Antonio Cromartie: Stay or Go? Part 4: 2010 in Perspective

Conventional wisdom says Jets opponents did not attack either Darrelle Revis or Antonio Cromartie on the outside. They focused their attention inside to the slot and tight ends. This is half true. Revis' reputation made quarterbacks consistently look away. Frequently they eliminated the possibility of even putting Revis' man on their progressions before the snap.

Cromartie actually was attacked, though. He was targeted on 101 passes, over 40 more than the next highest guy. He fared pretty well, only allowing a completion percentage of 44.6. Despite getting the 10th most targets in the league, he was not even in the top 25 among corners when it came to yards allowed. He also stepped in when Revis was either out or playing hurt and played very well against Randy Moss, Lee Evans, and Brandon Lloyd. He frankly dominated then.

The frustrating thing about Cromartie was inconsistency. He did have a few stinkers. The reason this is frustrating is he has more physical ability than any corner in the league, including Revis. I am just talking about pure athleticism here. He should never be as lost as he was against the Ravens in the opener, the first half against New England Week 2, against Brandon Marshall in Miami, or in the first game in Foxborough. It can be feast or famine with Cromartie.