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Sports Fans United Has Online Petition to Prevent a Work Stoppage

A group called the Sports Fans Coalition has launched a project called Save Next Season. What they promote is pretty simple. They have an online petition for fans to sign demanding that NFL owners and NFL players come together to avoid a work stoppage. They argue this is our right since taxpayers have funded stadiums which have provided the league with so much revenue.

If you are interested, you can sign the petition here.

I commend the people who put this together because making an attempt like this is better than doing nothing. I am skeptical, however, of how much impact this will really have. The participants already know what is at stake. They know how upset fans will be if there is no football. Do they really care, though? These people care more about money. Football is a business. It is sad but true.

I still encourage you to sign the petition, though, if you feel strongly about this. Like I said, it still beats doing nothing.