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Will You Watch Super Bowl XLV?

The Jets' second straight loss in the AFC Championship Game was extremely depressing. I am not sure that any loss would have been painless, but it was especially frustrating watching the team play so poorly out of the gate and then mount a rally that fell just short.

I pose the following question to you. Will you watch the Super Bowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers? Are you too bummed to do it? Will you watch just for the commercials? What will you do with your time if you are not watching?

There always seems to be a pattern for me after a painful loss like that. I claim there is no way I will watch the next round because it will make me too upset, a reminder to me that my team should be there. Then my love of the game wins out, and I end up watching anyway.

Frustrated though I am, I will probably be in front of my television Sunday night watching the title game. What else am I going to do? The other television options are limited and geared to non football fans. Nobody is going to put anything good on against the biggest television event of the year. All of my friends will be watching the game so they will not be free.

How about you?