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Top NFL searches from Bing

For some reason, the good people over at continually over-estimate my importance to the internet and send me some pretty cool information. Today I was contacted by a representative of the search engine with some of the top NFL search results and information from this season. I figured it was interesting enough to share and maybe it'll give some of you Jets fans a good laugh.

The Jets highlights include:

Mark Sanchez- 4th Best looking player in the NFL

NY Jets- 2nd Best tailgating city/team in the NFL

Check out the rest of the results after the jump..

According to Bing Users…


Top 5 Searched Football Teams:

1.      Dallas Cowboys

2.      Arizona Cardinals

3.      Chicago Bears

4.      Pittsburgh Steelers

5.      Green Bay Packers


Top 5 Players Users Would Like To Watch Super Bowl With:

1.       Peyton Manning

2.       Randy Moss

3.       Terrell Owens

4.       Michael Oher

5.       Jared Allen


Top 5 Favorite Players:

1.      Peyton Manning

2.      Tom Brady

3.      Drew Brees

4.      Michael Vick

5.      Adrian Peterson


5 Best Looking NFL Players:

1.      Tom Brady

2.      Tony Romo

3.      Reggie Bush

4.      Mark Sanchez

5.      Chad Ochocinco


Most Popular Quarterbacks:

1.       Brett Favre

2.       Tom Brady

3.       Michael Vick

4.       Tim Tebow

5.       Peyton Manning


Top 5 Tailgating Cities:

1.      New Orleans (Saints)

2.      New York City/New Jersey (Jets)

3.      Denver (Broncos)

4.      Seattle (Seahawks)

5.      Phoenix (Cardinals)


Top 5 Game Day Snacks:

1.      Buffalo Wings

2.      Pizza

3.      Nachos

4.      Chili

5.      Pigs In A Blank


What do you guys think about the results?