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RB Bilal Powell to Receive More Carries

As you likely noticed during the game this past weekend against the Redskins, our backfield is seriously banged up. Shonn Greene is running on bruised ribs, LaDainian Tomlinson has a sprained MCL, and Joe McKnight has a hyperextended elbow. Greene carried the load during the game, interspersed with some wildcat and John Conner. I'm happy to report that Bilal Powell, our fourth string RB, will receive some carries to no doubt spell Greene. This is coming from Rex Ryan himself. Despite the fact that we have not seen a ton of Powell, I am confident that he'll do a good enough job to give Greene some rest as the workhorse of the team. Greene always comes on at the end of the season, as he has been doing this year, but I don't want to wear him out, should we be fortunate enough to make the playoffs *knock on wood*.

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