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Jets vs. Chiefs: This Could Be a Good Week to Get Dustin Keller Involved

Last week against the Bears, old friend Jon McGraw was moving in at every snap from the safety position to try and stop the run. The Bears do not scare anybody with their passing game. The Chiefs were largely playing the run.

That is probably not going to change when they play the Jets. Gang Green is not scaring anybody with its passing game right now. The game plan for any opponent the rest of the way will probably rightly be force Mark Sanchez to win the game. Kansas City also has good corners in Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr. Flowers in particular might be the most underrated corner in the league.

There might be a chance to exploit the middle of the field with Dustin Keller, though, who has been absent from the passing game a lot recently. McGraw is a lot like Eric Smith. He hits hard but struggles against athletic type tight ends. If he is moving in at the snap and has to cover Keller for a big chunk of the field, there could be something there for the Jets to take advantage of going vertical when they can isolate the tight end on McGraw.