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Jets vs. Chiefs: Kansas City Could Keep Things Simple on Offense

If Tyler Palko is the quarterback for the Chiefs, the Jets might be looking at preparing for a simple playbook on Sunday. The Chiefs ran the ball 53% of the time last week against Chicago. Against the Bears, Kansas City threw the ball less than ten yards on over three quarters of passing attempts. Many of these came without many reads. There were a lot of hitches, screens, and rollouts.

This is with good reason. Palko seemed to get flustered whenever faced with pressure and made some very inaccurate throws. The Bears are not really a team that throws a lot of exotic looks at a quarterback. They rely a lot on their defensive line and play a lot of zone. This is not the kind of scheme a team needs to protect a quarterback from.

The Chiefs were intent to play ball control and let their defense win the game against a struggling Bears offense with a spotty quarterback. We will likely see a similar approach this week.