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Tom Moore Sticks Around

There is some good news from Florham Park today. Offensive consultant Tom Moore is still around the team for the time being.

The Jets offensive consultant Tom Moore was back on the practice field Wednesday as the Jets worked on the indoor field during some heavy rain outside the practice facility. The Colts former offensive coordinator -- ostensibly retired -- arrived last week and traveled with the team to Washington to see the 34-19 win over the Redskins.

Moore was in practice in person leading up to the San Diego game, one of the best performances the Jets have had all year. He was also around last week, when the offensive scheme seemed to finally call a game to work around the problems Mark Sanchez was having, which was not the case in past weeks. The quarterback was struggling with his reads, and the Jets were having problems generating big plays in the passing game so New York gave him a bunch of simple reads and high percentage throws to make. The offense also compensated by showing a number of new Wildcat looks, although reports are Rex Ryan might have had more to do with that than Moore.

In any event, Moore is an excellent influence for the offense and its coaches. It is not a surprise two of the best called games of the year happened with him around.