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Top Five Defensive Plays Against the Washington Redskins

Let's take a look at the top plays the Jets made against the Redskins.

2-5-WAS 48 (13:28) 29-R.Helu left tackle to WAS 44 for -4 yards (55-J.Westerman)

Jamaal Westerman gets up the field and stones Roy Helu for a four yard loss.

2-10-WAS 24 (6:25) 29-R.Helu left guard to WAS 28 for 4 yards (52-D.Harris; 57-B.Scott). New York Jets challenged the fumble ruling, and the play was REVERSED. 29-R.Helu left guard to WAS 28 for 4 yards (94-M.Dixon). FUMBLES (94-M.Dixon), RECOVERED by NYJ-33-E.Smith at WAS 29. 33-E.Smith to WAS 29 for no gain (71-T.Williams).

Marcus Dixon pops out a ball recovered by Eric Smith to put the Jets into field goal range.

3-1-WAS 39 (3:13) 8-R.Grossman pass incomplete short left to 10-J.Gaffney (57-B.Scott) [97-C.Pace].

Rex Grossman looks right to try and throw a screen to Roy Helu, but Calvin Pace bumps him off balance as Grossman is looking to pass. He looks left and lofts one short for Jabar Gaffney, but Bart Scott flies over and bats the pass away to bring up fourth down.

1-10-WAS 20 (4:43) (Shotgun) 8-R.Grossman pass incomplete short middle to 89-S.Moss (96-M.Wilkerson).

Muhammad Wilkerson leaps to bat down a pass. It hits his facemask and takes a big ricochet before falling incomplete.

3-10-WAS 20 (4:33) (Shotgun) 8-R.Grossman sacked at WAS 11 for -9 yards (51-A.Maybin). FUMBLES (51-A.Maybin), RECOVERED by NYJ-97-C.Pace at WAS 9. 97-C.Pace to WAS 9 for no gain (63-W.Montgomery).

Aaron Maybin's sack forces the fumble and sets up a Shonn Greene touchdown to ice it.