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Should Jim Leonhard Be the Primary Punt Returner?

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In the past four weeks, three different Jets returners have muffed punts that went for turnovers. The most important job of any return man is to secure the catch. In an ideal world, the guy will have some moves to potentially bust a big return, but the biggest job is to do no harm because turnovers on the punt are pretty much an equivalent of a forty yard completion for the other team.

Nobody would confuse Jim Leonhard with a dynamic return man. He is smart and reads his blocks well, but he is not explosive. What he does is catch the ball.

Now that Jeremy Kerley has joined Joe McKnight and Antonio Cromartie in the turnover club, one cannot help but wonder whether Leonhard will take his old job back. Rex Ryan and Mike Westoff talk a lot about limiting mistakes, but they have not been putting the safest option out there. Leonhard is that guy and should probably see the bulk of the returns except in spots when the Jets have their backs against the wall and need a big return.

What do you think?