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On Aaron Maybin, Patience, and Coaching

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The people who expected this kind of production from Aaron Maybin were few and far between when the Jets signed him. Some people were in the, "This guy stinks. Why would the Jets sign him?" camp. I was one of these people. You might now refer to use as the "dead wrong" camp. There was another group who said, "This guy has potential. Let's see what Rex Ryan can do." Few would have been willing to put money on Maybin turning into an impact player.

If you saw Maybin's first two years in the NFL, you would probably feel justified. He was as ineffective as Vernon Gholston. It did not look like the guy could play. What is different this year? He is receiving good coaching. He is being put into a role that suits his strengths. He is being taught how to succeed at his position by an excellent coaching staff. Say what you will about Rex Ryan. He knows defense. Maybin looks like a more complete player each week. He is starting to develop some pass rushing moves. Further, he is being given a chance. It took him two years of struggling, but he figured it out.

We all want guys to come in and dominate from day one. Frequently when they do not we simply write them off too soon. That goes for me. It goes for everybody. How many people dismissed Kyle Wilson and Joe McKnight after rough rookie years? Now both are contributing a lot and look like they will see their roles increase in the future.

Sometimes patience really is a virtue. Maybe things will click for Vladimir Ducasse. Maybe Mark Sanchez really needs to be put into a position that suits his strengths. Then again, maybe they lack talent like Gholston and Kellen Clemens. There are no hard and fast rules. It just must stink to be the Bills and watch Maybin have success with another team after perhaps giving up on him too soon. Keep this in mind when you evaluate players. I will do my best keep my end of the bargain on this.