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New York Jets at Washington Redskins Second Half Thread

The Jets trail it 13-10 at the half.

In a strange twist, the offense has been pretty efficient. The Jets might only have ten points, but they have scored two of the three times they have gotten the football. The run defense has not been a thing of beauty, but Washington does not seem intent on taking advantage. They suddenly abandoned the run in the second quarter and put the ball into the hands of the always shaky Rex Grossman.

In a continuing trend, special teams have made a number of errors for the Jets. One of them, a muffed punt by Jeremy Kerley, gave Washington the lead heading into the locker room by setting up a Redskins field goal.

The Jets get the ball to start the second half. Can they build on their first half offensive momentum?

Leave your second half thoughts below. Do not link to any illegal streams.