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Week 13 Rooting Guide

Indianapolis over New England: Even if the division is gone, watching the Pats suffer the humiliation of being the first team to lose to the Colts would be fun. It's probably too much to ask, though.

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati: The Jets are going to need to pass one of three teams in the AFC North. The Bengals are a game behind the Ravens and the Steelers so they will be easier to catch.

Atlanta over Houston: A Houston collapse allowing the Titans to take the division is looking more and more possible given the injuries the Texans have sustained to their top two quarterbacks.

Buffalo over Tennessee: The Jets own the head to head tiebreaker over the Bills if it came to that, and the Titans are a game better than Buffalo in the standings so they need to be knocked down a peg more.

Minnesota over Denver: Imagine if Brett Favre was still with the Vikings. ESPN would probably move its headquarters to the Twin Cities for an entire week to cover this one. In any event, Denver needs to lose. The Vikings are an NFC team. Them winning does not hurt the Jets.

Miami over Oakland: An Oakland collapse could also benefit the Jets with Denver taking the division. Plus if Miami wins a few more games, maybe they will keep Tony Sparano around.

Baltimore over Cleveland: Because of head to head tiebreaker scenarios, it benefits the Jets that Baltimore wins its division instead of fighting Gang Green for a Wild Card. It is not like the Jets will need to worry about fighting the Ravens for home field.