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Week 13 NFL Coverage Maps

Today FOX has a doubleheader while CBS will show one game to each region.

If you live in the New York area, you will see:

Jets at Redskins early on CBS

Broncos at Vikings early on FOX

Packers at Giants late on FOX

Not many people are getting the Jets today. If you are in a market in New York State that is not Elmira or Watertown, you get the game. This is because the Bills are blacked out locally due to their failure to sell that game out so you are in luck if you are in Bills country. You can also see the game if you live in the Washington DC, Richmond, Roanoke, and Norfolk markets.

The entire nation will see Lions at Saints tonight on NBC and Chargers at Jaguars tomorrow on ESPN.

For a complete listing of games and maps to show what you will see, click here.