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Rex Ryan Crushes the Dream

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In one brief sentence, Rex Ryan has crushed the hope of most fans. He reportedly said during his press conference today that, barring Brian Schottenheimer becoming a head coach, Schotty will return next year to the Jets. I do not believe that I need to spell out this for all of you; this is the most discussed thing on GGN, besides how bad Eric Smith is (who Rex said earlier is playing injured). Rex believes there is a 50/50 shot of Schotty getting the job. Let's all hope some team out there is desperate for a young HC with a good coaching bloodline.

Feel free to shed tears below.

Edit: I just reread the remarks from Rex and he said he 'expects' Schotty to be back. I realize this isn't the unequivocal statement that I implied but it still seems pretty confident.