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Miami Dolphins Run Passing Game Through Brandon Marshall

With Matt Moore at quarterback, the Dolphins have been force feeding the ball to Brandon Marshall of late. Over the last three weeks, Marshall accounts for exactly one-third of Miami's targets. This could mean a busy day for Darrelle Revis on Sunday. You might remember the Dolphins going at Revis 11 times with Marshall in the first meeting. They hit some passes, but things ended poorly on a Revis pick six.

There has been plenty of talk back and forth between Revis and Marshall this week. Marshall has complained that officials give Revis the benefit of the doubt on penalties. He is probably right there. Revis countered that Marshall gets away with pushing himself. He is also probably right. I don't see anything wrong with it either. I wish officials would let receivers and corners go at it more instead of throwing some of the ticky tack flags they throw.

There is sure to be plenty of physical play on that side of the field Sunday. It could be difficult for the Dolphins, though. Their passing offense goes through Marshall, and he will have to fight through Revis' physicality to keep his team moving.