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Washington Redskins Utilize Their Tight End a Lot in the Passing Game

The Washington Redskins' passing game has not been a thing of beauty this year. One area they have been very effective is throwing the football to tight end Fred Davis. Davis has 75 targets this season, one behind Jabar Gaffney for the team lead. Redskins passers have a 70% completion rate. This has resulted in Davis leading the team in receptions and yardage. Davis is an athletic target, the kind that the Jets have trouble matching up against.

The problems the Jets have against tight ends are well known. The extra playing time Brodney Pool provided last week is reason for hope. It seems the coaching staff is finally acknowledging that Eric Smith is really hurting the team in coverage. Jim Leonhard, while effective against the run and covering for guys who blow assignments, is physically limited.

Pool needs to be better than he was against Buffalo, but we also probably need to see a lot of Pool this week to avoid Davis having a field day. The Redskins feature their tight end in their normal offense. Attacking the Jets there will not require any adjustment.