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When a Passing Game Can Do Nothing Right

There are plenty of reasons the Jets have such an ineffective passing game. You can blame plenty of people from the coaches to the blockers to the receivers. Everybody has a hand in this. What is troubling, though, is how difficult of a time Mark Sanchez is having with even basic quarterback concepts.

Let me give you an example. This is the first play after Eli Manning's interception. The Jets have it on the 11 of the Giants. Sanchez is immediately flushed to his right. He goes on the move. Patrick Turner breaks his route and heads for the sideline running parallel to Sanchez. He is wide open in the frame below. If Sanchez finds him and hits him in stride, Turner walks into the end zone.


Sanchez doesn't throw for some reason, though. He keeps holding it and heading for the sideline. He finally lets it go right by the sideline. By this point, Turner is out of room. There is no spot to hit him in stride. He has to stop, and defenders can converge. Sanchez throws it across his body wildly incomplete. Look how far Sanchez has gone to the sideline by the time he lets it go.


Sanchez ran himself from an easy touchdown into a very difficult throw. This wasn't playcalling. It wasn't a tough read. It was a broken play. It is not about an injury either. This kind of play used to be a Sanchez strength. Instead now he is making these difficult. This play would have been wiped out by a Brandon Moore holding penalty, but Sanchez's failure here had nothing to do with that penalty. This should be an easy completion. This is a trend too. Mark frequently holds it too long on simple bootlegs and allows the defense to move on his receiver running across the field instead of getting the receiver the ball quickly so he can turn up the field and gain extra yardage.

It is tough to have any semblance of a passing attack when the quarterback does not even execute an easy throw like this. As much as we talk about building an offense around Sanchez's strengths, lately I cannot see any strengths in his game.