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Talent Watch: Independence Bowl

Yuck! That's the only word I can think of to describe this game. The Independence Bowl featured two ACC/Big 12 power houses, Missouri and North Carolina. Most of the star power is on the side of North Carolina, but it didn't show at all in this game. North Carolina has Zach Brown, and Dwight Jones. For Missouri, there is Dan Hoch.

North Carolina

Zach Brown ILB/OLB: It was a very sloppy game for Brown. He has all the speed and athleticism in the world, but couldn't put it together in this bowl. Missouri doesn't run an NFL style offense at all, but Brown looked unprepared for what he would be facing. Zach took a lot of bad angles, and let a lot of passes get to the receivers that were his assignment. He didn't rush the passer a lot, so it was hard to get a good read on how he would do in that role. Brown did have an interception, but it was pretty much a horrible pass that he was just in the right place for. His stats for the year are: 105 tackles, 13.5 for a loss, 5.5 sacks, 3 INT, 4 passes broken up, 6 QB hurries, and 3 forced fumbles. The GGM Round Prediction: 1-2

Dwight Jones WR: Dwight Jones reminds me a lot of Victor Cruz of the Giants. He has a lot of big play capability, but makes a lot of mistakes. He made a great grab for a TD in the first series for N. Carolina. He then proceeded to drop a bunch of catchable balls. One of them rolled around on his back for a while before a defender grabbed it for an INT. He has the perfect size and speed to be a top tier NFL WR, but needs to work on his concentration. He ended the game with 77 yards, and 1 TD. His stats for the year are: 1196 receiving yards, and 12 receiving TDs. The GGM Round Prediction: 1-2


Dan Hoch OT: It was difficult to scout Hoch as a future NFL tackle. I don't think I saw him with his hands in the dirt once the entire game. Missouri plays a spread offense, so not a lot translates to the NFL. North Carolina has some great pass rushing talent, but couldn't put them to use against this offense. In the rushing attack, Hoch did a decent job against guys like Quinton Coples, and Paige-Moss. There was one play where they tired to pull Hoch on a run to the left, and he was slow getting there for his assignment. The GGM Round Prediction: 5-6