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Flight Connections 12-26-11


Dave D'Alessandro: HC Rex Ryan may have caused trouble with his big talk.

Mike Lupica: Rex got owned by the Giants.

Mike Vaccaro: Ryan talks too much.

Art Stapleton: It's time for Rex to just shut up.

Jersey Jets Fan: OC Brian Schottenheimer ruined Christmas.

SNY Why Guys: The great John B. of GGN sums it up nicely.

Bob Glauber: OL Coach Bill Callahan for OC could jump-start the Jets.

Mark Cannizzaro: QB Mark Sanchez can't carry the Jets.

Michael Salfino: The Jets will not and should not cut ties with Sanchez.

Andrew LeRay: It was not the reunion WR Plaxico Burress had planned for.

Manish Mehta: The wild card hopes take a big hit.

J.P. Pelzman: The Jets need lots of help to make the playoffs.

Rod Boone: The Jets lament putting themselves in a deep hole.

Ben Shpigel: It is fair to ask whether they have misjudged talent and overvalued players.

Kristian Dyer: The loss is a microcosm of the season.

Toni Monkovic: The Jets seemed to be the instigators.

Rich Cimini: The Jets were outcoached and outplayed.

AFC East Blog: The Jets are not a playoff team.

Bob Raissman: The Fox broadcast analysts made winning points in the game.

The Record reviews the game.

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