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Jets Allegedly Considering Axing Sanchez

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Merry Christmas everybody.

There was a prominent story on this morning centering around a rumor that third-year passer Mark Sanchez may not have a long term future with the Jets after this season.

Sanchez's poor play, as well as his overall up-and-down performance this season, now has the Jets seriously considering whether or not they have their franchise quarterback on their roster.

A league source told on Sunday that the Jets are beginning to realize that Sanchez, whom the team drafted with its first-round pick in 2009, might not be their guy.

It is extremely frustrating to me, and probably many of you, that Sanchez possibly has his neck on the chopping block before a deeply unpopular offensive coordinator that predates both the young QB AND the head coach. An OC that has never overseen a successful QB since coming here, in spite of having first rounders and pro bowlers come play for him. There's no feasible explanation for why Schotty would be retained while Sanchez is scapegoated after the FO took his protection and receiver corps away from him this offseason, except that Woody & Co. clearly have an irrational level of support for the OC.

However, I can't fault them for examining Sanchez and wondering if he is their franchise QB. Sanchez has consistently had matchups against the worst passing defenses in the league this year, and he cannot deliver against them. He makes a great deal of poor decisions. After the Giants went up by more than 6, did anyone else get a feeling of hopelessness? That's because we can't pass downfield, and Sanchez can't deliver, even against the worst defenses. If you can't throw the ball, you can't win meaningful games; and right now whether the fault of the Oline, coaching, or Sanchez, we can't throw the ball.

Still, if Schotty is fired concurrently with Sanchez it will be a great disservice to Mark and his potential to never try him under a new offensive mind. If Sanchez is axed before Schotty, it will be nothing short of a travesty and far and away the biggest in a long line of foolish mistakes by the Jets this season.

Sanchez has 2 years left on his contract, and with his current deal is set to make 8.5 million dollars in salary next year.