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Giants Win Battle of Mediocre New York Football Teams

The Giants beat the Jets today in the Meadowlands 29-14 dropping Gang Green to 8-7 on the year and out of control of its own destiny for the Playoffs with one game left in the season. Both teams made plenty of mistakes and tried to give the game away to the other team. The Jets just wanted to lose more. Well that and their offense is really, really bad.

The Giants win bragging rights, and fans who actually care about such things will brag. More importantly, the Jets are now unlikely to make the Playoffs. Think back on this year, though. Is this really a good team? Does this team really deserve to make the Playoffs? Were you surprised by what happened today? I think you are lying if the answer to any of these questions is yes. During the fourth quarter, I think a lot of Giants fans should have been thinking the same thing.

Leave your thoughts below. I will have the official recap up soon.