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New York Giants at New York Jets Second Half Thread

The Jets head to the locker room trailing 10-7. It felt like the Jets were in control for most of the first half, but that changed on a Victor Cruz 99 yard touchdown catch where Kyle Wilson and Antonio Cromartie missed a chance for a routine tackle to hold him to a 10 yard gain. The Jets almost met disaster on the next drive as the Giants returned what was called a Jeremy Kerley fumble for a touchdown. Replays showed pretty clearly that Kerley's elbow originally landed on the defender but then hit the ground before he fumbled. The Jets drove into field goal range, but Nick Folk missed at the gun to keep the Jets trailing heading to the second half. Gang Green gets it. In other words, it was a typical Jets first half. You probably want to smash your television.

Leave your second half thoughts below. As always, do not post any links to illegal streams of the game.