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Week 16 Rooting Guide

Arizona over Cincinnati: The Jets and Bengals are both 8-6 and tied for the last Wild Card spot. It would be nice to see Arizona provide some breathing room.

Jacksonville over Tennessee: The Titans are one game back of the Jets. The Jaguars are out of the Playoff race.

Kansas City over Oakland: The Jets are a game ahead of the Raiders. Since Oakland won the head to head meeting this year, the Jets really cannot afford to end up in a tie with them. Oakland losing as much as possible would be appreciated.

Buffalo over Denver: Denver losing out and Oakland potentially taking the West would be a fine outcome for the Jets. The Bills winning also hurts the Draft position of a division rival.

Pittsburgh over St. Louis: A Pittsburgh win guarantees the AFC North race goes down to the final week, which means Baltimore will have to play its starters next week against the Bengals.

Cleveland over Baltimore: The same goes for a Baltimore loss. The only way this division is clinched this week is if both the Ravens win and the Steelers lose.

Miami over New England: This does not really impact the Jets as far as the Playoffs go, but it would hurt Miami's Draft position and New England's Playoff position. That would be fun.