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Top Five Defensive Plays From Last Week

There was not much good defense played by the Jets last week.
There was not much good defense played by the Jets last week.

When your team gives up 45 points, it is a challenge to come up with five good defense plays. Here goes nothing.

1-10-PHI 45 (3:21) 25-L.McCoy left end to NYJ 43 for 12 yards (70-M.Devito). FUMBLES (70-M.Devito), RECOVERED by NYJ-22-B.Pool at NYJ 40. 22-B.Pool to PHI 27 for 33 yards (10-D.Jackson).

LeSean McCoy breaks a big run in the second quarter, but Mike Devito hustles down the field and knocks the ball out. Brodney Pool picks it up and returns it 33 yards.

2-10-NYJ 43 (:02) 7-M.Vick pass deep right intended for 81-J.Avant INTERCEPTED by 52-D.Harris at NYJ 16. 52-D.Harris to NYJ 16 for no gain.

Michael Vick's Hail Mary pass before the half falls harmlessly into David Harris' hands for an easy interception.

2-21-NYJ 37 (3:42) (Shotgun) 7-M.Vick pass short right to 25-L.McCoy to NYJ 43 for -6 yards (52-D.Harris).

David Harris snuffs out a screen to McCoy and tackles for a loss of six, setting up a third and 27.

3-5-PHI 28 (12:15) (Shotgun) 9-V.Young sacked at PHI 25 for -3 yards (57-B.Scott).

Bart Scott registers a garbage time sack to end a drive.

2-11-PHI 30 (6:39) 9-V.Young sacked at PHI 19 for -11 yards (96-M.Wilkerson). FUMBLES (96-M.Wilkerson), and recovers at PHI 19. 9-V.Young to PHI 19 for no gain (96-M.Wilkerson).

Muhammad Wilkerson registers a garbage time sack, forcing a fumble.