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The Airing of Grievances

December 23 marks the celebration of Festivus, a holiday created by Frank Costanza of Seinfeld fame. An important part of any Festivus celebration is the Airing of Grievances, a chance to tell loved ones all of the ways they have disappointed you in the past year. We will now have what has become a GGN tradition, our Airing of Grievances for the Jets. Come pull up a chair as we gather around the aluminum pole to express our disappointment.

Rex Ryan: Loyalty is a good quality for a football coach and for a person. It motivates people to perform their best. Blind loyalty is not a good quality. Any supervisor who does not appreciate somebody's incapability to do a job is being negligent. From Brian Schottenheimer to Wayne Hunter to Eric Smith, you have stuck by people who have held the team back. There are many instances where you should have demanded your boss to upgrade a spot.

Brian Schottenheimer: I don't even know where to begin. I guess we could start with the abomination that was the goal line series in the AFC Championship Game. Your body of work speaks for itself, though. Your offenses are consistently ranked at the bottom of the league. Quarterbacks keep going to other teams and improving. Your player development is terrible. You build your offense around the talent you wish you had instead of the talent you do have. Your play calling has no rhyme or reason for long stretches. You ignore key playmakers. Did I forget anything?

Mark Sanchez: It isn't your fault as much as your critics say. It is, however, partially your fault. You lose your confidence too easily. It feels like your pocket presence has taken a step back. Your accuracy has not improved. Your consistency has not improved. This team needed you to take a bigger role this year and carry more of the load. You have not been able to lift this team when it has needed it. You still need everything else working to have success. You cannot pick the team up when it does not. In fact, your team could have clinched a Playoff spot or at least be on the verge right now had you just avoided mistakes against Baltimore and Denver.

Shonn Greene: Great work of late, but you need to find a better feel for the game. You are leaving yards on the field cutting the wrong way and by seeking contact when you do not need to.

Plaxico Burress: As much as you have improved the red zone offense, your sloppy route running is hurting the team before the team reaches the red zone. A lot of almost interceptions are your fault for not being where you are supposed to be.

Santonio Holmes: You would be putting up a huge year with a quarterback who could find you, but stop fighting your teammates in the press. You clearly are not perfect as we all saw last week. Also you need to start acting like a captain and stop taking boneheaded penalties, especially in a game where you have already cost your team 14 points.

Dustin Keller: You are well above average as a receiving tight end, but you should be better. You don't come up with as many catchable balls as you should.

Matthew Mulligan: I said you could produce what Ben Hartsock did for a fraction of the price. That did not mean you had to become a carbon copy of Hartsock by combining solid run blocking with bad route running, stone hands, and an infuriating tendency to take penalties.

Wayne Hunter: You blow your assignments in catastrophic fashion. You are slow off the snap. You fail to identify your man. This happens too frequently.

Vladimir Ducasse: Notice how the other 2010 draftees who disappointed as rookies are contributing? You need to improve in almost every area except when you drive the guy right in front of you in the run game. Outside of that, you are as refined as me playing offensive line.

David Harris: You need to be yourself more consistently. There have been too many games where you have been quiet this year.

Jamaal Westerman: The only reason Aaron Maybin has flourished as a situational pass rusher is that you did not when given a chance in that role.

Eric Smith: It's just so frustrating to watch you. It would be one thing if you were just bad in coverage because you were not athletic enough to stay with good receiving tight ends. You make so many mental errors on top of that, though. You bite on play action. You get lost on your assignment. You take bad angles to the ball. You take bad penalties.

T.J. Conley: You have a big leg. We only see flashes of it.

Mike Westhoff: You are rightly beloved, but you are not perfect. You had the team get rid of a perfectly good punter in Steve Weatherford for Conley. You also put guys like Antonio Cromartie and Joe McKnight back for punt returns knowing full well they are likely to drop the kick.

Leave your own grievances below.