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Jets vs. Giants: How Big of a Rivalry Is It?

Any big game between two New York teams will always get a ton of hype. Does it have any added significance to you, though?

I have always found the whole Jets-Giants thing overblown. I get that they are both from New York, but I could never get into it. It isn't like the Patriots or the Dolphins where the Jets play these guys twice a year and are competing for the same prize. These teams only play each other once every four years and are not competing for the same thing.

I get that the rivalry transcends friendships and families, but I also know Rams and Packers fans. They play the Jets just as frequently, but those are not big rivalry games. To be honest, I have a lot of respect for the Giants as a franchise.

I will admit the fact that this game is essentially a Playoff contest adds some juice to it. Maybe if the Jets and Giants were consistently playing in significant games late in the year, I would be more into it. If the league does ever add extra games to the schedule, I think they ought to make sure they have an interconference rival for each team to play every year. How about an annual Week 16 or Week 17 Jets-Giants game often with huge Playoff implications? Now that would make it a real rivalry to me.

I know many of you have a different perspective, though. Do you hate the Giants?