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Jets vs. Giants: What Will the Story Look Like?

The Jets and the Giants will probably want the story of Saturday's game to be different.

The Jets will be happy if it is a low scoring game. They want to limit the kind of mistakes that sunk them against the Eagles. They want to run the ball effectively against a Giants defense allowing 4.5 yards per rush. They want to keep Eli Manning off the field and limit his chances with the ball.

The Giants would probably prefer a high scoring game when they can jump out in front early. They want to take the Jets out of their game and turn it into a shootout. They have to like their chances if the game turns into a battle between Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez. They want to do what the Eagles did. They want the Jets to need to score a lot of points, which means making big plays in the passing game. That would force the Jets to go away from the easy throws they have been giving Sanchez recently and spread the field, forcing him to make the reads he has so struggled with this year. They would also relish the chance for their pass rushers to try and rattle Sanchez. The Giants may have a suspect pass defense, but the Jets have failed to take advantage of other such units this year. There is no indication they will be able to do so this week.

The story you read in the newspaper Sunday about the game will likely have one of the two storylines mentioned above. If the story of the game is the first, the Jets will have a great chance to win. It is difficult to imagine them winning the second kind of game.