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Watch the Game With Woody Johnson Saturday

Local radio station 103.5 WKTU FM is offering a contest for a pair of seats in Woody Johnson's box for Saturday's game.

This week, Clear Channel Radio’s 103.5 KTU will be giving away a pair of tickets to watch the New York Jets vs. New York Giants on Christmas Eve with Jets owners Woody and Suzanne Johnson from the comfort of the owner’s box in the new MetLife Stadium.

Fans can enter the contest now by visiting KTU’s Facebook page ( and sharing, in 103 words or less, why they should be chosen. The winner will be announced by Suzanne Johnson during KTU’s Mornings Show on Friday, December 23.

That would be one heck of a Christmas present for somebody close to you. I would imagine the competition is stiff, but it is worth a shot. If you enter and win, be sure to let everybody know so you can get Woody to answer questions other members on this site might have.