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DeAngelo Hall Is Not High on Mark Sanchez

Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall shared a less than flattering opinion on Mark Sanchez yesterday.

"He doesn’t take as many chances as much as he just gets confused sometimes," Hall told the Washington Post. "A lot of times he just comes out and stares a receiver down, tries to throw him the ball. He puts it on those guys to make plays. They haven’t made as many plays this year as they have in previous years."


"I’d say he’s middle of the pack. Definitely not the worst in the league. He’s a capable quarterback," Hall said. "He’s taken them to a couple AFC Championships, so he definitely knows how to win the big games."

I think Hall's new nickname should be Captain Obvious.

In all seriousness, the good news for Sanchez is that he will be going up against a corner in Hall who has plenty of warts in his own game. He makes some big plays, but he gets toasted an awful lot.