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Is There a Leadership Void on the New York Jets?

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Over the offseason, we heard a lot about new leaders stepping up for the Jets to replace departing ones like Tony Richardson. The big name was Mark Sanchez. We heard about how this was going to be his team. Now the only people who can say for sure are those in the locker room, but when you see something like the stunt Santonio Holmes pulled yesterday, one cannot help but wonder how effective the current leadership is.

Holmes is a guy who already created dissension this year by calling out his teammates in the press. It got to the point where Rex Ryan reportedly called the team together to end it. Then Holmes showed no accountability yesterday, picking up a really stupid taunting penalty. There was plenty galling about it, namely the fact the Jets were behind by 18 at the time, and two really sloppy errors by Holmes had spotted the Eagles 14 points early. Holmes reportedly apologized to Rex, but that rings pretty hollow after the fact.

My question is where the leadership is on this team. How frequently do you see something like that happen on a team with strong leadership? Would Holmes have tried that if he knew he would have to deal with Ray Lewis or Tom Brady getting in his face? And Sanchez is the guy I think you have to question most? We heard about how much of a leader he was becoming from the team in the offseason. There is also an inherent leadershup quality in his position. Is he really demanding accountability? Why wasn't Holmes afraid of any reprocussions. I only blame Holmes for his own stupidity, but I am concerned about the fact he did not fear what he was doing like guys on other teams might.