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Eric Smith: New York Jets Were Tipping Coverages

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Eric Smith had a rough game Sunday. He says he noticed something about what the Jets were doing defensively.

"They'd line up, look at us, look at Vick, and (say), 'Oh, they're in Cover Zero' or 'They're in Cover One,'" Smith said after the 45-19 loss. "They did a good job of studying, a good job of preparing for the game."

I am skeptical of the impact this really had. Opponents have everything the Jets do on film. In an ideal world, you can confuse the other team, but that usually only buys a few extra moments for a pass rusher as a quarterback diagnoses what he sees unless the quarterback reads the coverages incorrectly. It is just as much about execution. A quarterback can known that he has single coverage against Darrelle Revis on the outside as frequently happens, but if Revis covers the man well, there is no chance of a completion. The way Smith was burned by Brent Celek was bad execution. The bottom line yesterday is the pass rushers were not getting to the quarterback, and the people in coverage were beaten.