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Santonio Holmes Says He Knowingly Took Idiotic Taunting Penalty

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Santonio Holmes apparently knew he was going to get flagged for taunting for using the ball as a prop in a celebration yesterday but did it anyway.

It’s against the rules to use the football as a prop in celebrations. When asked after the game if he knew this, Holmes made a show of leaning forward to speak directly into the microphone.

"I’m a veteran," said Holmes, who was wearing a black T-shirt with a sequined Superman logo. "I’ve been in the league for six years. Yes, I did know."

I like Holmes a lot as a player. With some more consistent quarterbacking to take advantage of the routes he has run, he could be having a big statistical season. He has also had some really clutch moments to keep the team afloat. His act is getting old fast, though. He called out his teammates early in the season and pulls this garbage?

Rex Ryan needs to step in. If a guy is going to knowingly hurt the team, particularly after making sloppy errors to spot the opposition 14 points, that is not acceptable. Holmes needs to face a penalty. Maybe it is sitting out snaps. Maybe it is being stripped of his captain status. Ryan lets his players express themselves, but selfishly hurting the team is not about self-expression. A public example needs to be made to show what happens to guys who do not think of the team. Rex has done it before. He should do it again.