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Flight Connections 12-19-11

S Eric Smith says the Eagles knew their coverage.

OLB Calvin Pace was called for roughing after Eagles QB Michael Vick jumped right into him.

RT Wayne Hunter had a rough time yesteray.

LG Matt Slauson injured his ribs.

RB Shonn Greene is up for SBNNY Player of the Week.

Steve Politi: WR Santonio Holmes proves that the Jets are lacking leadership.

Chris Herring: The Eagles easily flatten the Jets.

Manish Mehta: The Jets suffer a total meltdown.

Kristian Dyer: The Jets strangely show life in the blowout loss.

Daily News: The Jets and Giants come up with small efforts.

The Post reviews the game.

The Record reviews the game.

ESPN New York reviews the game.

Jersey Jets Fan reacts to the game.

Jets Insider recaps the game.

JetNation recaps the game.

The Fifth Down explains why the Jets are ahead of the Bengals.

Here a couple of links from prior to the game:

Another story on RB Coach Anthony Lynn.

And one about LS Tanner Purdum.

Oh, what a Christmas to have the blues, after the jump.

And I promise that's the last Eagles song I'll post.