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Kellen Clemens' Spot Start Success Casts Further Doubts on Jets Offensive Coaching

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Lost in yesterday's fiasco was the play of a former Jet in an early game. With less than two weeks of experience playing in a new system, former Jet Kellen Clemens completed 69% of his passes, threw for 229 yards, and even tossed a touchdown for the Rams. St. Louis had an offensive line full of holes and a receiving corps decimated by injury.

Clemens' performance yesterday was not All Pro. I am skeptical whether he can continue to play quality ball. I do think this was telling, though. In a new system, Clemens was more productive than he ever was with the Jets. How can that not be an indictment on the coaching he got with the Jets?

There are some obvious excuses that will likely enter your mind. Clemens had nothing surrounding him in 2007. His supporting cast in St. Louis was also not very good. You might say he was young and inexperienced then. Clemens looked just as bad in a 2009 start against Tampa Bay.

Again, I am not expecting Clemens to continue playing that well, but it is telling that the Rams could coach him up for even one start better than the Jets ever could. At least with the Jets, he had the benefit of knowing the system. Maybe on its own, this would not be significant, but I think combined with the tangible utter failures in other areas during Brian Schottenheimer's runs, it means something even if Kellen goes back to stinking from this point on.