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Jets Receive No Brotherly Love in Philly

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The Jets fell to 8-6 today, getting run out of the building in Philadelphia by the Eagles. Much like their fellow mediocre New York based opponent this coming Saturday, they played a terrible game. Philly won by a 45-19 margin. This one was ugly. Most teams have a stinker or two each season where they cannot do much right. That pretty much describes the Jets today. The offense was brutal with 4 turnovers. The defense allowed the Eagles to do pretty much what they wanted with the ball all day long. There were a few bright spots, but the key word is "few."

The Jets did get some help today with the Titans and Raiders losing to leave New York in about the same position it entered today in the Playoff chase. Despite what the team has been saying, making the Playoffs at 10-6 is entirely possible after this loss.

Leave your thoughts below. I will have the official recap up in a bit.