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New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Second Half Thread

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The Jets trail 28-13 heading to the locker room. This is a vast improvement on how this game was looking halfway through the second quarter. Philly led 28-0 at one point. They scored 21 off New York turnovers, including a pair resulting in 14 points that were Santonio Holmes' fault. New York rallied to score 13 unanswered to close out the half. 10 of these were the result of an Eagles turnover. We are pretty much seeing why these teams are perceived as underachievers.

The Jets get the ball to start the second half with a real chance to make this a game if they can come out and put it in the end zone. Considering how this one started, it is probably difficult for anybody to ask for more.

Leave your second half thoughts below for this battle with Playoff implications. As always, do not link to any illegal streams of the game.