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Early Games Open Thread

This is a thread to talk about the early games on the schedule Week 15. Of particular note for Jets fans are the Titans facing the Colts and the Bengals facing the Rams. The Jets would get some help if the underdogs pulled off upsets against AFC Wild Card contenders. It sure seems unlikely. The Rams and the Colts are the two worst teams in the NFL. Indianapolis does not have a win, and St. Louis is starting Kellen Clemens at quarterback today. Yikes.

Also of some note is the Giants taking on the Redskins. If the Giants win, it would be a devastating blow to Philadelphia's Playoff hopes in advance of today's game. It would also make Saturday's game against the Jets less meaningful for the Giants. With a victory today, they win or lose the NFC East based on what happens when they play the Cowboys Week 17. I am not convinced this will have much of an impact, though. I assume the Jets will get the best the Eagles and the Giants have the next two weeks.

Leave your early game thoughts below. Do not link to any illegal streams of games.