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Week 15 Rooting Guide

The following would be the best way for today to play out in any fantasy.

St. Louis over Cincinnati: The Jets could use some breathing room in the Wild Card race. The margin for error is currently zero with the Bengals just a game back of the six seed. The Jets could care less about the Rams getting a worse Draft pick, which would be the only consequence of them winning.

Indianapolis over Tennessee: The Titans are another team chasing the Jets for the six seed. Them losing would help.

Detroit over Oakland: The Raiders are also a game back in the race for the six seed. This is even more significant than the first two because the Raiders win any tiebreaker over the Jets by virtue of a head to head win.

New England over Denver: Yes, the Pats would clinch the AFC East with a win, but let's be honest. They are not going to lose their next two anyway. New England just needs one win to clinch the division. It is much more likely the Denver miracle run collapses. The Broncos losing gives the Jets more breathing room. Denver falling out of the race and Oakland winning the AFC West would be fine. Since both the Raiders and Broncos have a head to head win over the Jets, there is really no preference for New York as to which team wins the West and which battles Gang Green for a Wild Card.

San Francisco over Pittsburgh: A Steelers collapse is unlikely, but there is no harm in the Niners winning.