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Top Five Defensive Plays From Last Week

Here are the nominees for the best defensive play from last week's thrashing of the Chiefs.

3-11-KC 20 (11:13; 2nd Quarter) (Shotgun) 4-T.Palko pass deep middle intended for 15-S.Breaston INTERCEPTED by 36-J.Leonhard at KC 38. 36-J.Leonhard to KC 38 for no gain (15-S.Breaston). NYJ-36-J.Leonhard was injured during the play.

Jim Leonhard undercuts a poorly thrown ball by Tyler Palko to register an interception on his final play of the 2011 season as Steve Breaston's awkward tackle results in an injury.

3-3-KC 29 (9:06) 4-T.Palko sacked at KC 22 for -7 yards (57-B.Scott).

Bart Scott beats his man on a blitz to register a sack to end a KC drive.

3-8-KC 12 (3:16) 4-T.Palko sacked at KC 4 for -8 yards (sack split by 94-M.Dixon and 97-C.Pace).

Marcus Dixon and Calvin Pace combine for another third down sack.

3-8-KC 49 (8:49; 3rd Quarter) (Shotgun) 4-T.Palko sacked at KC 36 for -13 yards (33-E.Smith).

Eric Smith blitzes off the edge for yet another third down sack.

1-10-KC 1 (3:43; 4th Quarter) 26-J.Battle up the middle tackled in End Zone for -1 yards, SAFETY (91-S.Pouha).

Sione Pouha gets a huge push up the middle and makes a tackle in the end zone for a safety.