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Rex Ryan Praises Antonio Cromartie

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Rex Ryan has good things to say about Antonio Cromartie's play this year.

The wild swings that highlighted Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie’s performances early in the season have settled in recent weeks, and Rex Ryan believes there is a simple reason for the newfound steadiness.

"I just think that he decided he was going to be a great player," the coach said. "He’s got as much God-given ability as any corner I’ve been around."

I am of two minds on Cromartie. On the one hand, he has a difficult life because he is always going to be compared directly with Darrelle Revis. There is only one Revis. Cromartie is really, really good, but he is not Revis. Even when he plays really well, he will pale in comparison.

On the other hand, Cro might be the one corner in the league with as much if not more pure athletic ability than Revis. So maybe the comparisons are fair.

No matter what, Cro is playing at a very high level this season. There have been some bad spots, but consider this stat from Pro Football Focus. Of corners in the NFL who have played 75% of their team's snaps, only six have a completion percentage under 50% when targeted. The Jets have two of them, Revis and Cromartie. It's tough to find a better number two corner.