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Aaron Maybin Speaks to Children With Disabilities

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The team's official website has a story on Aaron Maybin giving a motivational speech this week to children with disabilities in New York.

With all the struggles Maybin has overcome on the field, on Tuesday he shared his experiences in overcoming struggles away from the gridiron. Maybin spoke to 100 New York City students with disabilities who were chosen as winners of the "Be a Champion" essay contest organized by the New York Jets, the NYC Department of Education, and Lime Connect, an organization that creates job opportunities for disabled individuals.

Over the last three months, 700 students with various disabilities submitted writing samples concerning what it means to be a champion.

"After reading and listening to these essays, you all don’t need to hear that from me," Maybin told the attentive crowd. "Because I’m looking at a room full of champions."

It's always great to hear about these guys doing good work in the community.