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How Effective Will T.J. Conley's Directional Kicking Be?

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T.J. Conley might have some extra pressure on his plate Sunday. The Eagles have a punt returner, Desean Jackson, as dangerous as any in the league. No matter what his stats look like, he is one of the fastest players in the NFL and a threat to score a touchdown whenever he has the ball in his hands.

The Jets probably do not want to put the ball anywhere near Jackson. If they do, they are asking for trouble. This means Conley is going to need to be at his best. Directional kicking might be the most difficult task a punter has. He needs to hit the ball out of bounds but also needs to get it as far possible down the field before it goes out. A kick that goes 20 yards and flies to the sideline might as well be a huge return for Jackson and can flip field position.

Conley has been inconsistent all year. How well he rises to this difficult tas could do a lot to decide the game.