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Can the New York Jets Contain LeSean McCoy?

One of the keys to Sunday's game will be the way the Jets handle LeSean McCoy, one of the best running backs in the league. McCoy is a shifty kind of runner. It is not going to be enough for the Jets to win the battle up front. McCoy has the ability to make people miss by changing direction and finding holes if defenders overpursue.

Last year the Jets had real problems with Matt Forte and Rashard Mendenhall. It was not always about the point of attack. They were able to change direction and beat defenders to open spots even when the Jets played them well initially.

The Jets are a physical team, but they lack quickness in their front seven. They struggle in space against elusive runners. One thing to note is the Jets faced Forte and Mendenhall without Jim Leonhard. Leonhard was at his best flying in to cover for somebody about to be beaten by a runner. The Jets might miss him in this area more than any other.