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Flight Connections 12-14-11

HC Rex Ryan wants to win out.

Jets video director Tim Tubito has an app for that.

QB Mark Sanchez is embarrassed by the early timeout last Sunday.

C Nick Mangold's injury seems long forgotten.

RG Brandon Moore recently held a charity event for the Boys and Girls Club.

WR Santonio Holmes recently held a charity event for sickle cell anemia.

The Iowa Hawkeyes Examiner writes about RB Shonn Greene.

The Greene Machine is up for FedEx Ground (and Pound) Player.

The Flint Journal writes about hometown boy WR JaMarko Simmons, who recently went on IR.

My Central Jersey writes about hometown boy CB Kyle Wilson. shares video of an interview with DT Marcus Dixon.

OLB Aaron Maybin hopes to get to Eagles QB Michael Vick.

ESPN New York breaks down the playing time.

J.P. Pelzman: The rush attack is on the rise, but there is still room to improve.

Tim Smith: Rex strengthens his grip on his job.

Mark Cannizzaro: The Jets must play with urgency.

Rod Boone: The Jets know they're no lock for the playoffs.

Brian Costello: Watch out for the Eagles.

Chris Herring: The Jets prepare for a team that they have never beaten.

Gary Myers: The Christmas Eve showdown could be the most important Jets-Giants game since 1969.

Jeff Capellini: Christmas Eve will be just another day if the Jets don't shoot down the Eagles.

Kristian Dyer: Jets tailgaiting is now trending on Twitter. A diehard Jets fan was savagely beaten at the stadium.

Writer George R.R Martin is apparently a Jets fan. If you haven't been watching "Game of Thrones", I suggest catching up before the second season starts in the spring.

The JETway and more videos after the jump.

Here is the latest from Dan Vollmayer:

Did you know the Eagles had their own fight song?:

Good thing we're not playing Muncie. Wouldn't wanna be tattered, torn and hurtin'.

The Dude hates the f'n Eagles:

Well, I guess he was talking about this Eagles.

You knew this was coming:

Did you hear that, Eagles WR DeSean Jackson? Let somebody love you before it's too late.